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What is Poartry?

“Poartry” is a sacred space. Poartry is about seeing and voicing the art in all things and lives. It is the nurturing and sharing of the art and culture of building loving worlds through loving words.¬†The Poartry Project is the mission, community and contribution of JC Wayne, poet, writer, visual artist, “cartographer of the unseen” and agent of beauty, perception, insight and discovery to light a path of good in the world. The Poartry Project does this to foster, evoke and celebrate the potential in all lives; cultivate the power of discerning interpretation; nurture courteous communication as civil world citizens; and build bridges of understanding, wonder and discovery of the magic of our great adventure together across the universe.

What’s Happening?


April 14:
Writing an Art-Inspired Tone Poem Workshop (virtual)

April 21:
PoemCity Montpelier Workshop: How to Write a Love Poem (virtual)
April 24:
PoemCity Montpelier Voicing Heart Poetry Reading (virtual)

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The heart of The Poartry Project is creating opportunities to share and experience stories in diverse voices through the power of poetry. The Poarty Project stands for the belief and experience that poetry is accessible to all, life is poetic, and there is a poet inside all of us that speaks not only through words.


The Poartry Project considers art to be poems in visual form. As an artist, I create both current and futuristic art that connects the dots of what unites us all and points the way to our shared noble destiny as stewards of a harmonized world.


The Poartry Project loves books to the very core of its being, and I believe in the power of books and stories – in whatever form they take – to shape who we are and build loving worlds. I write and publish books. I illustrate books. I help other lives conceive and birth their books and stories into being. And I share insights on the special books and stories I really love and why they’re significant.

Workshops + Mentoring

The Poartry Project loves helping people of all ages and experiences bring their voices to life through workshops, mentoring and inclusive, welcoming experiential learning adventures that make creative expression accessible, fun and a source of wellbeing. I believe that creating opportunities for the creative explorer spirit to come out and play is a key to happy humans, united humanity and a harmonized world.

Book Doula: Book + Story Birthing

As a “Book Doula”, I help others bring their stories to life. I lovingly and respectfully steward your stories from conception through birth into life as a book and other story forms with my unusually insightful energy-based forms of perception and understanding that get at the essence and “soul” of your story. I believe that helping lives share their voices is one of the greatest services there is.


Where you can keep up to date with scheduled and special pop-up events and happenings throughout the year.

Appearances + Press

As a storyteller, I thrive with the energy of others and seeing The Poartry Project’s mission of building loving worlds through loving words spread. Experience my story-sharing and The Poartry Project’s work through my TV, print and live presentation appearances.

Book for Sale

My debut book
Voicing Art: Poetry of Space | Place | Time
is now available!

Poetry inspired by works of art, the art of nature and the exploration of beauty, perception and insight through the cartography of the unseen.


Building a Loving World


Thanks for your continued support and love for King Street Center.

You are magical and have a huge heart!

- Gabe Tufo Strouse

Community Outreach Director

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