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The Poartry Project loves books to the very core of its being, and we believe in the power of books and stories – in whatever form they take – to shape who we are and build loving worlds. We write and publish books. We illustrate books. We help other lives conceive and birth their books and stories into being. And we share insights and build community among book-lovers around the special books and stories we really love and why they’re significant.

Book Nook
for the love of all things books

NEW! 2022 Wall Calendar

A beautiful printed art calendar sharing photographs of special places and significant moments in time taken by The Poartry Project, accompanied by monthly ‘Golden Threads of Illumination and Contemplation’ as prompts to spark your creative flame



Book Doula

Helping writers bring the soul of their stories to life from conception through birth with exceptional energy and insight



Golden Threads of Good Book Club

Exploring magical books that light a path of good in the world. We meet online 4 times a year.



My Books

Poetry, children’s and young adult books, handmade bespoke illustrated stories and digital experiences to light a path of good in the world and explore the magical territory where the worlds of the unseen and the seen meet



Debut Poetry Book

Voicing Art: Poetry of Space | Place | Time
by JC Wayne | The Poartry Project
is now available!

Poetry inspired by works of art, the art of nature and the exploration of beauty, perception and insight through the cartography of the unseen.


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