The Poartry Project

In our modern society driven by hero worship of technology, engineering, math, science, business and digital influence, poetry continues to be a special place in our world that people aspire to.  

But with the beautiful rise of STEM and the digital world has come overload, and poetry has experienced a resurgence as an antidote to overload – a quiet refuge for reflection, observation, interpretation, beauty, meaning-making, inspiration, grieving, healing and experiencing the sacred.

“Poartry” is a sacred space. Poartry is about seeing and voicing the art in all things. It is the nurturing and sharing of the art and culture of building loving worlds through loving words and art. 

The Poartry Project was created by JC Wayne, poet, writer, visual artist, “cartographer of the unseen” and agent of beauty, perception, insight and discovery to light a path of good in the world. We do this to foster, evoke and celebrate the potential in all lives; cultivate the power of interpretation; nurture courteous communication as civil world citizens; and build bridges of understanding, wonder and discovery of the magic of our great adventure together across the universe. Through the experience of our world travels, we make special effort to serve the generally underserved and overlooked communities of youth, elders, identity-diverse lives, immigrants and refugees, and all of our events and services actively welcome and encourage these communities.

Poartry uses poetry and visual art to share the experience of the unseen and the “golden threads” lyrically revealed by sensitive poets down the ages of universal timeless truths underlying and shaping our physical world and experiences in new ways.

These new ways expand perception, interpretation and context beyond the physical – and even emotional and mental – for deeper and more meaningfully informed insight, connection and culture of caring in our lives and world.


Words literally build worlds.  

It is our hope and aim that the world built, shared and engaged with here is found to be beautiful, magical, boundless and meaningful, and that visitors will come to realize or deepen understanding that we are all here together on Earth as citizens of a far greater and wider extraordinary natural world of the unseen beyond the seen, on a shared mission and expedition of good to help unfold the wonders of the universe and the place, purpose and plans of all lives living within it.

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