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As the founder of The Poartry Project, I spent many years loving school and cherishing my classroom time, but it’s the outdoor learning adventures I always remember most. Our workshops and customized summer and after-school mentoring experiences create welcoming, inclusive, encouraging spaces of “no mistakes” where creative voices of all ages and experience levels are given free range to come out and play – outdoors in nature as much as possible. The Poartry Project loves helping lives of all ages and experiences discover that they are more of a poet, writer, artist, storyteller than they think there are or can be, and it’s our special mission to create experiences that help dismantle and remove the inhibitions and doubts about creativity and “being good enough” that are the barriers to so many people expressing and sharing themselves fully and joyfully.

Our Next Workshop isĀ coming up!

Writing an Art-Inspired Contrast Poem (virtual)

Wednesday, February 10th
5 – 7 pm US eastern
Lake Placid Center for the Arts Virtual Workshop (via Zoom)

In the depths of February’s winter’s days, delve into the beauty of light interplay by writing an art-inspired contrast poem with poet, JC Wayne. Sparked by the plein air painting Whirlpool Basin from Lake Placid Gallery 46 artist, Kari Ganoung Ruiz, we will explore examples of contrast in poetry, do quick warm-up writing prompts/tuning in exercises to view with different parts of ourselves to create through perceiving lights and darks, and write a poem that expresses your uniquely perceptive voice through the inspiration of art.

And a special bonus: Our muse artist, Kari, will be at the workshop to share her inspiration and plein air process in creating Whirlpool Basin and to answer your questions.


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