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building loving worlds through loving words + art

Hi, I’m JC

Visual Artist
Mentor + Adventure Guide
Cartographer of the Unseen
Certified Teaching Artist
Agent of Beauty, Perception, Insight + Discovery

My Story: Early Beginnings

Ivy League-educated at Brown and Harvard in International Relations, Diplomatic History, International Environmental Policy and Art History, I started making art and poetry as early as I can remember. Moved by the beauty of the natural world and the kaleidoscopic diversity of cultures, I have always identified as a world citizen seeking to connect the dots and share the realities of what unifies us as one humanity and as stewards of species, societies and systems.

Travel + Transitions

In my curiosity and wish to build bridges of understanding, I started traveling as early as I could, visiting and living in 23 countries and experiencing every state in the US except Alaska (so far). With one foot in international relations and another in the arts, I got my (somewhat) conventional professional start helping to illuminate, address and solve world needs as a futurist and expert on the use of the Internet in healthcare in the capacities of writer, consultant, speaker, magazine editor and media resource. After meeting all my professional goals by the age of 28, the gift of a ski accident sent my life and quest in another direction at the pivotal moment when I realized while walking on a beach in San Francisco post-surgery to rehabilitate my knee that as a lifelong poet, I had completely forgotten the word, “joy”.


For a decade thereafter, I sought wisdom, unifying universal truths and the nobility of humanity’s sense of the sacred for deeper insight and spiritual understanding beyond the intellect from many sources around the world. What I found reoriented me from solitary achievement to collaborative service, and I helped build international organizations dedicated to wisdom leadership; traveled and taught in English, Spanish and French in many countries, including Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Italy, England, Slovenia and India; and advised leaders in business, politics, NGOs, culture and the arts to share what I learned.


But my heart always remained in youthful play, outdoor adventure, nature, creating and storytelling, and I now focus on experiencing, sparking and sharing the beauty, potential and meaning in all lives and our shared natural world as a poet, artist, “cartographer of the unseen”, poetry and art adventure guide and founder of The Poartry Project to build loving worlds through loving words and art and Golden Threads of Good Books for children and the young-at-heart to light a path of good in the world by revealing and sharing the golden threads of good that run throughout the history of human culture, exploration and invention – uniting us all.

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