Poetry of Space, Place + Time

exploring the cartography of the unseen

Poetry of Space, Place + Time

Poems are like little jewel boxes of memories and experience. Through poetry, we can travel to places we haven’t been. We can have others’ experiences that remind us of our own and reveal that we are all more alike than different. We can soar to the stars of the universal and share in the most personal moments of joy and letting go. Poetry of space, place, time (and the times) explores outer and inner territory to discover what unites us all, why we’re really here and where we’re going.

Poetry of Space, Place + Time Portfolios

Outer Landscape

exploring the natural world and its sacred spaces

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Inner Landscape

exploring the territory of our inner spaces


Poetry of Pandemic

charting the course of a changing world

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Guest Poems

We invite lovers of poetry to share their original poems for consideration as curated guest poems in our Poetry of Space, Place and Time Poetry Portfolio.


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Our Debut Book

Voicing Art: Poetry of Space | Place | Time
is now available!

Poetry inspired by works of art, the art of nature and the exploration of beauty, perception and insight through the cartography of the unseen.


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