October 2019 Words + Art Reading + Poem

exhibit | if i can’t dance, it’s not my revolution!
artist | steven evans


I saw ‘Starboy’,
and I thought it was you

But, no,
you were Starman,
and it wasn’t what I thought

A bright boy
tries to fill the gap
you left in the world,
and line it with purple feathers 
left when the Violet-crowned Woodnymph
flew the nest

David, where you are,
are you still
a one-being revolution,
genteelly shaking up the stars on the axis 
of your impeccable garb and form
while the earthboy
whimpers in the dark night
of this world’s soul
spinning poetry that hurts
in its ugliness and pain
as millions probably sing along,
thinking it’s literal,
oblivious parrots
of scathing observation
stealthy satire-if-I-cat-ion
hidden in the code
of plain sight

David, where you are,
are you a peacock
among blackbirds,

or are you
a blackbird among 
greater peacocks,

or have you finally
found your flock,

realizing that your
androgyny is simply
the nature and being
of the spirit

and that what others
yearn for,
you knew at the
core of your being

We are in an ugly moment
down here,

and we need the soul
who fell to Earth
to wake up
to their rain/reign of
glitter and white feathers within

and for every Major Tom
to realize they are
not adrift alone –
in space

David, where you are,
please smile on every being –
each and all a Ziggy in blackbird drag,
just bursting to blaze forth
in the glitter and white feathers
of our peacock selves

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