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POEM | THE SEEKERS (mar 2014)

Across aeons, in the most shaded halls
of their memory,
their origin story remains.
All they had known was war.
As the light of their world dimmed,
it dimmed within themselves,
and they huddled together for contact.
Only three of the races remained –
the Yellow Foots, the Green Foots and
the Orange Foots.
In their ancient hatred, they had never
But as they came together,
something new and strange happened:
The radon of the Yellow Foots,
the radium of the Green Foots
and the plutonium of the Orange Foots
combined, and the survivors –
come to be known to themselves as
“The Joined” –
lifted off.
With millennia to think after The Lifting,
they came to discover that their fusion
created a bubbling liquid that fueled
The Lift.
In time, they came to see the purpose
of their thin, flexible forms:
to bend, to bond, to join, to flow
themselves and this bubbling liquid
across the universe.
They came to sense The Liquid as
and willed their bodies to form a special
sacred space
to honor and house the fueling music
The Liquid made.
They thought themselves alone.
But suddenly a day arrived when
The Fliers came as a glimmer
in The Joineds’ eyes.
Hovering, floating,
beating against their lenses,
they made The Joined wonder deeper
about their purpose and place
in the order of things.
Mayhap these tiny Fliers were seeking
the bubbling Liquid –
could hear its music –
as it bubbled in the dim Sanctuary
of the fuel room.
They knew not from where they came,
but in this Lifted land of the giant Joined,
the tiny Flier is king.
For in the palaces of their Lifted minds,
The Fliers open the door to the
possibility of Others.
Locked in their dance,
The Fliers lit in the Joiners’ eyes,
the glimmer of their purpose ignites,
and on, they Seek.


electric buzz-pop
o, alice’s wonderland
caterpillar waits.
cheshire cat grinning
makes me shiver, most unkind,
creepy teeth bite down.
mad hatter top hat
hummingbird sitting a-top
gaze down to eat me.
i am the one who eats
you, however. Ha! Surprise!
eaten, the eater
in this mad garden
where brave alice takes her tea,
i, you and you, me.

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