March 2011 Words + Art Reading + Poem

exhibit | northwest corner, southwest light
artist | mary temple

This was a mind-bending exhibit. Those shadow reflections of trees you see in the photos below are not shadows. They are all painted!

POEM | COCOON (mar 2011)

I loved my junior year
art history seminar
6:30 – 9:30 pm on Thursday nights.
I floated in the dark,
sated on horrible refectory fried food,
lulled by jeweled colors flying by on the screen,
especially that time someone slipped me a “special” brownie at dinner
knowing we were getting to the Dadas + eye-foolers that night.
Always a front row student,
I reveled in sitting in the very back row
soft auditorium seats
my space pod to explore new worlds.
Then stepping outside
into snow and night and cold,
walking up College Hill,
old-style street lamps
burning halos of light
onto the photo negative of night,
inspiring paintings of my own
with evergreen + midnight blue acrylics
slabbed on so thick
they glistened like oils.
Those were good days –
false light + snug dark
before the world stepped in.

Dedicated to time and undergraduate experiences @ Brown University.

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