Niquette Bay State Park

Colchester | Vermont

The Poem

It was a pretty dry summer in 2019, so when we finally had a day of rain, we happily pulled out our umbrellas and headed to an intriguing spot we had seen earlier in the season while kayaking as a dramatic storm was heading our way. Parts of Vermont look like Maine, with craggy cliffs of limestone that give it a more rugged feel than other parts of New England. Niquette Bay in Colchester is one of these areas. The rain had brought out all sorts of orange salamanders and orange mushrooms, but what really surprised and delighted us was the little community library at the trailhead and poems posted all along the trail!

Epic Road Trip!


I wonder
if it matters that I am here.
If it matters that I am beautiful.
If it matters that I exist.
If my color matters.
If the metre of my makers matters.
If the fragrance of my material matters
in any miniscule way.
If I am interesting in a distracted age.
If I will linger
in this age of pixels and personalities and selfie sticks.
If the digital world makes me more or less.
If the obsession of self in a society of loneliness will ever end, become something more.
If the moments of contact I create matter.
If the individual is anything without the idea,
if the idea is anything without the individual.
If identity is imperative, or
if the Inifinite is where it’s at.
It there’s a there here, or
if I should be seeking to shed my skin, my beauty,
immersed into loss that is
initiation, letting my-self go
into where I came from, and where
I will return.

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