Monthly Art Puzzle Subscription

bringing the fun to enjoying art through online puzzling

Monthly Art Puzzles Subscription

Learning about art can be fun when it’s explored as an online jigsaw puzzle! 
Exploring art becomes a completely new kind of adventure when it is made into a puzzle! In creating the puzzle’s piece of art, you actually experience a universe of as many new pieces of art as there are pieces in the puzzle. The Monthly Art Puzzles Subscription delivers a new puzzle of my art each month, which you do online on any device you choose. You can customize the number, shape and orientation of the puzzle pieces. As part of your monthly subscription, you can meet with me in an online Ask the Artist gathering to learn about the creative process, inspiration and materials used in your puzzle’s art of the month and ask me anything you want about it. Since these Ask the Artist sessions are online, subscribers can participate from anywhere in the world.


Here’s how the Monthly Art Puzzles Subscription works:

  • Each month, you will receive an email with a link to the month’s puzzle.
  • When you click the link it will take you to your puzzle page on whichever device you are using to follow the link. Tablets and laptions work really well.
  • If you want to customize the number, shape and orientation of the puzzle pieces, you can do that. You can also change the background color to make the puzzle pieces easy to see depending on the month’s art colors and textures.
  • You can save your puzzle, and you can als0 share it.
  • You’ll also receive a link to participate in the Ask the Artist online gathering.
  • To subscribe, just scroll down below to the subscription form.

Get to know & play with art in a new way!

You never know what you’ll get when you do a piece of art as a puzzle, especially if you choose to scramble the pieces. Take this fun and relaxing journey of discovery with a new puzzle and the opportunity to talk to me as the artist each month.



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