April 2016 Words + Art Reading + Poems

exhibit | the great cape rinderhorn
artist | thorsten brinkmann

This was a very strange exhibit, but it stimulated many interesting poems. The poem, ‘[W]HOLES’, is very much a word play and meter play or rhythmic play. There may be places where readers might think there’s an “error” – for instance, in the line: ‘so [w]holes can be seen in the some of the parts’. This would usually read ‘sum’ of the parts, but the ‘some’ in this case is quite intentional.

The second poem, ‘Mary’, was the spontaneous poem written during the event break. The intrepid emcee and general maker-of-all-things-happen with the Words & Art event, Mary Wemple, couldn’t be there for this event, which was disappointing because it was the first time in years The Poartry Project had been able to participate in the event in-person in Houston at the gallery rather than remotely via the computer. So this poem was about and for Mary and saluted her amazing dedication in always giving The Poartry Project tours via video of each exhibit to help in the crafting of our poems. She literally crawled around on her hands and knees with iphone in hand for this one. We couldn’t be more grateful!

POEM | [W]HOLES (apr 2016)

Holes in the [w]orld let the light bleed in.
Holes in the bones light the bloodlet begin.
Holes in the stones left our hearts’ break in ruin.
Holes in the ruin break the stones’ heart apart.
Holes in a part suggest [w]holes in the start.
[W]holes in the start parse parts into parts.
Holes in the wood map the worms’ origin.
Holes in the map obscure woods’ sticky scrim.
Holes in the form tether eyes’ sight to swim.
Holes in the eyes in-sight [w]orld light to dim

so [w]holes can be seen in the some of the parts,
so dusts of the bones grow heaving new hearts,
so in the hole of the stone the [w]hole mountain is known,
so in the map of the eye floats the stone that is thrown
from the void of the hole –
the [w]hole at the start –
to star light the world
with the heart of its art.


Mary, Mary, quite contrary
in the happiest way I know.

Adventuring off, she will let herself go,
to a city by the seas,
through a dark, dirty tunnel
on intrepid hands and knees,
with iphone clutched in hand,
so I can understand
what this artist has flung
as chaotic piles of dung
to get us to see the absurdity we face
as we greedily consume apace.

The hatter and the cat and

Alice in her flats
all rolled into one –
a girl on a quest
through a crazy German carnyfest
to reveal what the mind must sow.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

how does your garden grow

As poets and friends,

and creative new lens
to celebrate the art
and elevate the heart
and stir a delightful mess
of the stubborn and the known.

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