Weeks of World Cooperation

bringing cooperation to the world through sharing the loving words, art and stories at the heart of our lives

 Weeks of World Cooperation


4 events of loving
words, art + stories

in celebration of the power of cooperation in the world


The Weeks of World Cooperation, stewarded by World Good, are seasonal windows for kindred spirits who believe in and value the power of good in our lives and world to come together. They happen each year in December, March, June and September for 9 days of deep friendship, service and shared experience. The Poartry Project participates by hosting community gatherings around poetry, art and story-sharing that celebrate and support the cooperative spirit in the world among people, communities and planet. As the founder of The Poartry Project, I look forward with great anticipation throughout the year to these Weeks of World Cooperation as high points of creativity, collaboration and closeness in community and inspiration. I’ve found them to be one of the most meaningful ways for fulfilling and sharing The Poartry Project’s mission of “building loving worlds through loving words” with friends and lives who recognize that good is a force that can change our world for the better, and those who participate together come out of them having gotten to know ourselves and the world around us more deeply; taking time for ourselves for meditative reflection and study; and getting recharged and energized with creative inspiration through cooperation with kindred caring spirits.

I invite you to join me and The Poartry Project in experiencing the meaning, magic and joy of the Weeks of World Cooperation.

Pop-Up Surprise Poetry of Nature Walk-Along

Saturday, March 20, 2-3 pm US eastern on Zoom

PoemCity Kids’ Public Poetry
Origami Art Project

Thursday, March 25, 5-7 pm US eastern on Zoom

Making Kitchen Pantry Watercolors

Friday, March 26, 7-9 pm US eastern on Zoom

Golden Threads of Good Book Club

Saturday, March 27, 8-9 pm US eastern on Zoom

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